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The Next Helsinki goes viral

Posted on 22 Sep 2014 | 0 comments

The launch of the competition has been published widely all over the world. Below, links to some of the articles. Please, send us more at!

YLE Uutiset, Ville Vedenpää: “Guggenheim-tontille vaihtoehtoinen ideakilpailu – aloite USA:sta”,  (9 Sept 2014)

Helsingin Sanomat, Jaakko Lyytinen: ”Helsingin Guggenheimia vastustavat jo ulkomaisetkin aktivistit”,  (10 Sept 2014)

Bustler, “The Next Helsinki counter-competition launches in response to Guggenheim Helsinki controversy”,  (9 Sept 2014), banner on

Architizer Exclusive by Matt Shaw: “Michael Sorkin Talks Alternative Guggenheim Competition.” An excellent interview with Michael Sorkin.  (9 Sept 2014)

Archinect News, “The Next Helsinki counter-competition launches in response to Guggenheim Helsinki controversy” by Justine Testado. (9 Sept 2014)

Archdaily, “Artists Seek Alternatives to Proposed Guggenheim Helsinki” by Karissa Rosenfield, (10 Sept 2014)

Hyperallergic, “Counter-Competition Seeks Alternatives to Controversial Guggenheim Helsinki” by Mostafa Heddaya. (11 Sept 2014)

The Guardian, Architecture and Design Blog with Oliver Wainwright: “Helsinki v Guggenheim: the backlash against the global megabrand is on”.  (11 Sept 2014), “Michael Sorkin launches anti-Guggenheim competition for Helsinki” by Elizabeth Hopkirk. (15 Sept 2014)

Artselectronic, “The Guggenheim: Action Plan on The Northern Edge of Europe”.  (14 Sept 2014)

Le Monde, “A Helsinki, les anti-Guggenheim s’organisent“ by Emmannuelle Jardonnet. (16 Sept 2014)

Libreriamo, “Guggenheim a Helsinki, la protesta dei cittadini intellettuali”. (17 Sept 2014)

de zeen magazine, “Controversial Helsinki Guggenheim competition attracts record number of entrants”,  (17 Sept 2014)

YAHOO! Philippines, “Helsinki’s Guggenheim competition receives thousands of submissions while city’s architects have an alternative plan”. (18 Sept 2014)